Unearthing the wines of White Rock, was a little more down to asking the right people the right questions mixed with some persistence. When visiting Napa recently I was constantly searching for the Bordeaux blends and Chardonnays, that delivered nesse and balance rst, backed up with a price point that made the wines accessible. Believe me, there’s enough rich folk in Silicon Valley down the state highway, ready to part with their converted bitcoins for 300% new oaked, 16% abv wines...and that was just the chardonnays!

In fairness, elements of fruit concentration, oak and alcohol are being reigned in, within the valley of Napa, but still, even then, they ain’t my cuppa cab...

An old friend tipped me o about White Rock Vineyards. Nestled o the main highways 29 and that is more like the Las Vegas strip of cellar doors, I missed the turn-o , nestled in the foothills of the Stag’s Leap Mountain Range, on numerous occasions. When I finally found the estate, I thought I had arrived in a tranquil remote part of mediterranean Europe.

White Rock’s roots date back to 1870, Situated on the eastern side of the Napa Valley approximately 300 feet above the valley floor, de ned by it’s volcanic soils and bedrock.

Natural farming is practiced, meaning the estate has never been subjected to herbicides, pesticides, or fumigants. In the winter months “green manure” crops such as bell beans, rye, and clover are planted which help to nurture the soil through the cold wet months.

Ageing for 12/26 months in French Oak, of which never more than a third is new. The wines are then held back in bottle for an additional 2-4 years before release, in their natural cellars, which were carved, naturally, out of the White Rock...