Everyone has ‘their’ grape, and mine, if I had to distil it down is Chardonnay. Don’t get me wrong I love Riesling for its ability to re ect its terroir so transparently, and how versatile it can be in the bottle. The ‘made in the vineyard’ evangelical sermons that are preached. I get it, and I love it. However it’s Chardonnay that I never tire of drinking, and rather more, the expression of this truly great variety from a 20km strip of the Cote D’or in South East France. Wine to drink forever? My simple answer would be ‘White Burgundy’. Yes like Riesling, it’s also made in the vineyard, but in the hand of the winemaker, can make a great, truly historic wine.

The wines of Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey first came past my palate in London, and truly blew me away. They were so crystalline, so balanced, whilst straddling the power and poise paradigm so elegantly. Not surprising, Pierre-Yves’ approach was described as ‘making Chassagne more like Riesling’ by Jancis Robinson MW. Bingo for me!

Son of revered St Aubin producer Marc Colin, Pierre-Yves made wine at the family domaine for many years until his father carved it up into 4 parts, dividing it amongst the 4 siblings. The 6 ha allocated to Pierre-Yves enabled him to go it alone.

He makes small quantities of wine from various vineyards throughout the region. The wines are in high demand all over the world and after buying as much as I could en-primeur over the years from his UK importer, I approached him to see whether he was interested. Many emails, missed appointments and the like, have now resulted in their exclusive importation into NZ. Believe me, I’ve enjoyed the wines from Le aive, Ramonet, Roulot, Lafon and the like, but I am convinced Pierre-Yves’s wines are already up their with these luminaries that he considers his benchmark.

I am immensely proud to offer the following wines from the 2014 and 2015 vintage. Small vintages. Exceptional quality.